Candidates with the same name – and opposing politics – become MEPs for the South East

Alexandra Phillips of the Green Party.
Alexandra Phillips of the Green Party.
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TWO European election candidates in the South East with the same name have been elected as MEPs.

Alexandra Phillips, representing the Green Party, and Alexandra Phillips, representing the Brexit Party, were both elected to become MEPs for the first time. 

The result means there are now more MEPs named Alexandra Phillips than there are Labour or Conservative representatives in the region.

Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips, the former Head of Media at the UK Independence Party, said: ‘If I had my way, I wouldn’t be taking my seat at all.’

Speaking about voters who had supported parties that backed Remain in the Referendum such as the Green Party, she said: ‘They have used their democratic vote, as we did in 2016.

‘For democracy to work, the closer has to concede.’

Alexandra Phillips has described becoming ‘captivated’ by Nigel Farage after making a film about UKIP as a student journalist. 

Green Party MEP Alexandra Phillips, who has become the youngest mayor of Brighton and Hove aged 33, said: ‘I can understand why people voted to leave, I can understand why people might have voted for the Brexit Party – but I don’t agree with it.

‘People have been left in quite serious situations by austerity and I think that’s one of the huge reasons why that party has been successful.’