Car free to a good home... if you can get past the mould!

MUCKY Disgusted James Baggott is giving away his step-daughter Ella Williamson's car as it is so dirty      Picture:
MUCKY Disgusted James Baggott is giving away his step-daughter Ella Williamson's car as it is so dirty Picture:
  • Stepdad James Baggott is giving away his stepdaughter’s car for free
  • The mould-infested vehicle has dents, a missing hub cap and cobwebs
  • He described it as ‘stinking’ and a ‘petri dish of McDonald’s infested filth’
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ANGRY James Baggott is so disgusted with the state of his stepdaughter’s car that he’s giving it away.

The Peugeot 307 has scratches, cobwebs and even mould on the seats and footwells.

Former owner Ella Williamson, 20, had left the run-down vehicle in the car park of her stepdad’s business when she went off to university in Brighton.

But James, editor of, was so shocked at the state it was in he is now offering it as a free prize.

He said Ella was not happy with his decision.

‘When I spoke to her she used a lot of swearwords,’ he said.

I bet it isn’t as bad as this stinking, petri dish of McDonald’s infested filth my step daughter calls her wheels.

James Baggot

‘The worst thing is that car has actually been cleaned.

‘We had a work experience lad in and he removed the worst of it.

‘At Easter I told Ella to clean it so I could sell it and give her the money but she couldn’t get out of bed before 5pm so I’m giving it away.’

In an online post about the competition, James described the car as a ‘stinking, petri dish of McDonald’s infested filth’.

He added: ‘Just how badly do you treat your car?

‘She has left her car in our car park and I decided to give it away before it makes me throw up a bit in my mouth.

‘To be honest we were tempted to burn it with fire.

‘Or donate it to science for research purposes – because we’re pretty sure some of the mould could be weaponised.

‘But then we thought what if someone wants it? If you win it, you come and get it and take it away. Just wear gloves. And a Hazmat suit.’

The advert, placed on the Gosport-based motoring website, says the car has a new battery and is drivable, claiming it made it from one end of the car park to another.

But it goes on to say there is mould on the gear stick, in the footwells and the car is two different shades of gold.

James said: ‘We thought it would be funny to see if anyone wanted it.

‘All people have to do is like the company’s Facebook page and like the post and we will get back in contact.

‘There is some sort of stuff growing in the footwell and it has a few battle scars.

‘Ella had a habit of parking it in walls, trees and shopping trolleys.

‘It also hasn’t been cleaned so you might find spiders but the winner can keep them.’

n Visit the Facebook page at to be in with a chance of winning the car