‘Chameleons of the sea’ hatch

Two baby cuttlefish at the Blue Reed Aquarium in Southsea
Two baby cuttlefish at the Blue Reed Aquarium in Southsea
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A CLUSTER of cuttlefish eggs which were hauled up on the ropes of a lobster pot have begun hatching at Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium.

The eggs were donated to the Southsea wildlife attraction by an aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall.

So far around half a dozen of the eggs have hatched, with more centimetre-long babies due to emerge over the coming days.

The tiny babies come out of the egg able to hunt and feed immediately but also have a small amount of yolk left from the egg to keep them going for a couple of days.

From the moment of hatching, young cuttlefish can display at least 13 different types of body pattern.

The cuttlefish is closely related to squid, nautilus and octopus. They have a maximum lifespan of 18 months.

Blue Reef’s Jen Atkinson said: ‘Cuttlefish are fascinating creatures and the babies are perfect little miniature versions of the adults and extremely cute.’