Charity photo shoot gives a cash boost to brave Sophie’s appeal

SMILES From left, Matt Doe, Caroline Lewis, Katie Lewis, Sheridan Lewis, Alfie Lewis, had their picture taken for the cause
SMILES From left, Matt Doe, Caroline Lewis, Katie Lewis, Sheridan Lewis, Alfie Lewis, had their picture taken for the cause
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THIS family helped raise money for a teenage girl’s cancer charity fund – by simply having their picture taken.

Photographer Anouska Hanlon held a charity photo shoot in Gosport’s town centre to raise cash in aid of a 14-year-old girl with cancer.

BRAVE Sophie Wearn

BRAVE Sophie Wearn

Sophie Wearn, of Highgate Road in Copnor has osteosarcoma, a rare type of cancer mostly found in teenagers.

Before Christmas, Anouska set up a stand in High Street and snapped family portraits for a £10 donation.

And a string of generous families lined up to have their pictures taken.

Caroline Lewis, of Nobes Avenue, Gosport, had her photograph taken with her family.

The 39-year-old said: ‘Our portrait is taking pride of place on our mantelpiece now.

‘It was fantastic. Anouska is a very good photographer.

‘She has taken portraits for us before and when we were having that done she told us about her photo shoot fundraising idea.

‘We thought it was a really good idea so we said we would go down there on the day and have ours taken.

‘It was a really cold day and Anouska and her team were standing out there all day doing it.’

The aim of the charity fund is to buy items for the teenage cancer ward at Southampton General Hospital and the Starfish ward at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

And after hearing about the good cause, Caroline’s partner, 39-year-old Matt Doe, donated a games console, games and speakers to the ward.

Matt said: ‘When I heard about the appeal I thought that’s what I wanted to do.

‘It’s just been sitting collecting dust in our house and it could have gone to a car boot sale or something.

‘But I would much rather give it to a good cause like this instead.’

Photographer Anouska, 32, raised a total of £225 on the day.

She said: ‘Obviously I’m really pleased to have raised that much money.

‘We were hoping for it to have been a little higher but fewer people came on the day than we had hoped.

‘It’s great that people like Matt helped out too.

‘He came down on the day and then went home and found some things he could donate and brought it round to us.

‘To do something like that is incredibly selfless.’

Sophie is currently in hospital recovering from chemotherapy.

Her mum, 34-year-old Sarah Taylor, said: ‘Anouska is amazing for having done this and I think it was fantastic.

‘Sophie decided she wanted the games console to go to the QA ward and that we are going to split the money we raised between QA and Southampton.

‘Both of them have had an equal share in looking after Sophie.

‘We’re going to be having a few more fundraising events.

‘Hopefully we can do something with Sophie’s school in the new year and I want to do something as well but I don’t know what yet.’

If you would like to donate to the appeal, visit