Charter is drawn up to guide foster carers

HELP Roy Perry
HELP Roy Perry
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TO RECOGNISE the rights and responsibilities of foster carers a new charter has been drawn up by Hampshire County Council.

The Hampshire Foster Carers’ Charter sets out what support, training and guidance people fostering children can expect from the council and what is expected of them in return.

It was developed by the council’s foster care team and has now been approved by children’s services boss, Cllr Roy Perry.

The charter also gives carers more of a say in day-to-day decisions affecting the child in their care, to ensure the youngsters do not feel they are any different to their peers.

Cllr Perry said: ‘Our team of dedicated foster carers are a highly valued and vital part of our support to children and families in need.

‘The charter recognises formally this vital role they play in caring for the county’s most vulnerable children and young people and sets out very clearly the support they can expect to receive from children’s services professionals who work alongside them as part of a team of support around a child. The charter will unite everyone in the common aim of achieving improved outcomes for children and young people in the care of the local authority.’

The council is seeking to recruit more foster carers to care for vulnerable children.

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