Chichester peregrines to be stars of screen

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CHICHESTER Cathedral’s much-loved peregrine pair are about to become stars of the screen.

From today, visitors to the cathedral can watch the peregrine falcons incubating their eggs there.

The RSPB will be based at the cathedral until July for its Date with Nature project, offering people a rare chance to watch the birds at close range without disturbing them.

The proud peregrine parents, who have already raised 38 chicks together at the cathedral, have laid four more eggs this year.

Visitors will be able to view live images from the nestbox – installed by the Sussex Ornithological Society – and use binoculars and telescopes to watch the birds flying and perching on the pinnacles and turrets of the cathedral.

To begin with the project will be based at the Cathedral’s Cloisters Café. At the beginning of June, when the young start to learn to fly, the RSPB will move out onto the Cathedral Green.

The project runs until July 8, and entrance to the cathedral and use of the viewing equipment are free of charge.

Molly Dailide of the RSPB south east, said: ‘This pair have been incredibly successful so far, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for another four healthy chicks this year.’