Children in Need: Solent Junior School gets spotty for charity

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Today Solent Junior School in Drayton held an ‘own clothes’ day to raise money for Children in Need.

The school decided to go along with the national theme this year which is ‘Spotacular’.

Solent Junior School' Picture: Tom Warburton-Smith

Solent Junior School' Picture: Tom Warburton-Smith

This meant pupils wearing their own choice of clothing but having some part of their outfit spotty and members of years 3 and 6 were in joyful mood saying they were ‘enjoying wearing what they wanted and that it made them feel free’.

This was in exchange for a small donation while members of staff were wearing red and white spotty onesies.

Pupils in Year 3 and Year 6 gave their view on raising money for Children in Need and one youngster said: ‘It will be good to raise money to support other kids who are suffering from genetic disorders, cancer or many other illnesses’. The junior school itself didn’t have an exact amount of money they wanted to raise from the event with a member of staff saying:‘We want to raise as much money as possible – the more money the better’.

The junior and infant school together managed to raise a total of £922.

Pudsey Bear EMN-171113-102202001

Pudsey Bear EMN-171113-102202001