Children in Need: The Flying Bull Academy, Portsmouth

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AFTER years of selling merchandise for Children in Need, The Flying Bull Academy in Portsmouth, decided that this year they’d liven things up with a good old ­fashioned carnival.

As well as selling Pudsey charity bands, the staff were dressed up along with the students, who all came to school as their heroes in aid of National Heroes Day as well Children in Need. There was also a selected costume winner for each class.

The parents arrived at 2pm for the carnival, and were then joined at 3pm by the children when they finished school and stayed until 4.30pm.

There was a bouncy castle, hoopla, cake sales and a variety of other games. All the money made went to Children in Need.

Barry Hewett­-Dale, finance and grant director for The Flying Bull Academy and organiser of the event, said: ‘I’d like to say a big thank you to the parents of the students and community who helped with this event.’

The parents and other community members had cooked 15 cakes for the bake off, and donated hampers for prizes for the carnival. Overall, The Flying Bull Academy managed to raise more than £750 for Children in Need.

Schools and businesses across the region took part in the annual BBC fundraiser.

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