Chocolate and smoking hardest to give up

Chocolate and smoking are the hardest things to give up, according to our survey
Chocolate and smoking are the hardest things to give up, according to our survey
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CHOCOLATE and smoking are the hardest things people in the Portsmouth area find to give up.

Earlier this week Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent, and The News readers were split down the middle on whether they will be giving something up for the 40-day period.

Here are the results from our fun survey on giving things up, which ran on, to mark the start of Lent.

Questions and answers

1. Will you give anything up for Lent?

Yes: 54%

No: 46%

2. What is the hardest thing you have ever given up?

Alcohol: 12%

Chocolate: 29%

Tea or coffee: 6%

Smoking: 25%

Meat: 2%

Fast food: 6%

Fizzy drinks: 4%

Other: 13%

3. Have you ever taken part in an organised giving up event?

Dry January: 15%

Stoptober: 8%

Other: 19%

4. How strong is your willpower to give things up?

Very strong: 15%

Strong: 33%

Moderate: 29%

Weak: 15%

Very weak: 4%

5. Is there anything you would be completely unable to give up?

Replies included:

- My phone

- Coffee

- Love of life

- Sport

- Alcohol

- Fruit

- Watching Pompey

- Reading The News

- Sugar

6. Will you be making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday?

Yes: 54%

No: 44%

7. Will you add any special toppings to your pancakes?

Sugar: 13%

Butter: 4%

Chocolate: 10%

Ice cream: 4%

Syrup: 8%

Blueberries: 6%

Other: 25%

8. What do you think is the secret to the perfect pancake?

Replies included:

- The toss

- Cinnamon

- A good cook

- Peanut butter

- Use duck eggs

- Cheese

- Thin, hint of lemon and sugar

- Well-whisked batter

*52 people took part in the poll. Some did not answer all questions, meaning that total percentages for some answers are lower that 100.