Christie creates a cutlery crane

A crested crane made out of plastic cutlery by Christie Harrington Johnson of Barn Close, Emsworth
A crested crane made out of plastic cutlery by Christie Harrington Johnson of Barn Close, Emsworth
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THIS incredible exotic bird has been causing a bit of a flap in Emsworth.

While at first glance it looks real to passing drivers, it is actually created from thousands of pieces of plastic cutlery.

It is the work of University of Brighton graduate Christie Harrington-Johnson.

The 22-year-old brought it home after finishing her illustration degree and put it safely away in her garage.

But her mother Lisa Harnett insisted it went on display on the front lawn of the family home in Barn Close, Emsworth.

Since then, people have been stopping traffic and people who have heard about them have been popping along to have their photos taken with them.

Christie said: ‘I find it all very funny. We were encouraged on my degree course to branch out as much as possible and it was then I discovered I loved making costumes and sculptural pieces.

‘I got the inspiration for the crested crane from the mud flap of a bike which was shaped like a bird’s beak.

‘Up until then I’d been struggling to think of what to do for my final piece.

‘A line from Aesop’s Fables: “It’s not just fine feathers that make birds” was significant.

‘To me it signifies that we need to start looking out for our environment, and that’s what I tried to get across.’

It took Christie two weeks to create the crested crane for which she used 500 wooden barbecue skewers for the headdress and 4,000 pieces of cutlery for the body.

Christie added: ‘We call the crested crane CC and it’s taller than me.

‘I’m so proud of it. Hopefully it will push me in the right direction.

‘It’s helped me develop as an artist and I hope people are inspired and impressed by it.’

Christie gained a 2:1 in her degree and is looking for work while she takes part in a basic sewing skills course.

Following that she hopes to pursue her dream of being a costume designer.