Christmas message from the Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth, Philip Egan

Bishop Philip
Bishop Philip
Pupils from Cliffdale Primary Academy

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Advent and Christmas is for me a magical time of the year.

Here in the northern hemisphere, as the days get shorter, it’s the little lights and Christmas trees that cheer us along in the dark. 
But once Christmas has come, and once we have passed the winter solstice and entered the new year, the days become longer, and we have the daylight to guide us on our way.

Advent and Christmas is special to me because this is the season when we recall the wondrous event of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is God the Son.

Jesus Christ is God the Son ‘incarnate’, that is, made man, indeed the Perfect Human.

Jesus Christ is our Saviour and he promises us eternal life, the forgiveness of our sins, and true happiness now and forever.

In Britain, Christmas is a time of good will, when everyone regardless of their religion, experiences the joy Christians feel in celebrating the incarnation.

We are reminded of Christ’s commandment to love God and neighbour: to thank God for the gifts we enjoy, for our families and friends, for our health and well-being.

And to love our neighbour as ourselves, especially to bring joy and happiness to all we meet, not least to the poor and the needy.

Have a happy Christmas! I will pray for you.

Please pray for and show some practical love to all those in need, especially to the unborn child, the elderly, those who will die at this time, the lonely, the homeless, the addicted and anyone in our world needing justice and peace.