City will see powerful storytelling from India

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ANCIENT eastern culture will meet the western world with an explosion of colour.

The Guildhall in Priory Park, Chichester, will play host to Kathakali experts to provide a family fun day full of workshops and performances.

Kathakali is the traditional dance drama of Kerala, a region in southern India, and is a combination of storytelling, dance, drama and make up.

It runs from 11am until 3pm and there will be performances from professional artists, dance workshops, make-up demonstrations and a question-and-answer session.

The event is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and organised by The Novium Museum.

Manager Cathy Hakes said: ‘Kathakali is renowned as one of the most powerful forms of visual storytelling in the world and this is an exciting opportunity to bring a part of this remarkable heritage to Chichester.’

Gateway to India performances must be booked. To find out more go to