Clergy test their cooking skills in bake-off event

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THE heat was certainly on when a group of clergy battled it out to be crowned winner of a bake off.

Vicar Stephen Girling was joined by the four curates from Holy Rood Church, Stubbington, to mark the opening of the brand-new extension to the kitchen of the busy parish hall, in Gosport Road.

Contestants in the bake-off display their wares

Contestants in the bake-off display their wares

The Great Clergy Bake Off was organised by John Guest, the man in charge of the extension project, who also acted as a judge along with wife Christine.

Mr Guest said: ‘Initially we thought about doing Master Chef but decided it was a bit too ambitious so we went for our own style of the Great British Bake Off – the Great Clergy Bake Off.’

The challenge was to bake and ice 12 small cakes which had to be light and tasty.

Mr Guest said: ‘All were excellent. There was initially a tie for first place after careful judging by Christine and me on a blind tasting basis weighing up appearance, texture and taste.

‘The final decision was made in favour of our Rev Stephen’s entry, again, on an impartial basis without the identity of the cooks being known at that time.

‘Our long-standing curate Rev Beryl Stares was the worthy runner up.’

While the bake off was in full flow members of the congregation began to gather in the hall, ready to do their own taste-testing with a cup of tea.