Club need females and disabled kids to use facilities

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AN AMATEUR boxing club is appealing for women and disabled children to join their club after a cash boost has led to new facilities.

Titchfield Amateur Boxing Club received a grant of £25,000 from Fareham Borough Council.

The money has allowed the club to expand and to create female and disabled changing areas for the first time in the club’s 60-plus year history.

Club chairman Ken Charman said: ‘The biggest challenge with the club now, in my view, is that a centre like this should have more diversity.

‘It would be true to say that we have been fairly inward looking for too long. My concern is that what we have got, as nice as it is, as good as it is, it’s totally male. It is also totally able-bodied people.

‘What we are looking for is to spread our involvement with the community. It is a big challenge, but we certainly would like girls to walk through that door. We have now got the facilities to accommodate them.

‘This is all totally new. All we had a year ago was one set of facilities so it was impractical but now we have female and male and disabled facilities. My big challenge is to get a more suitable use of the gymnasium in the day time, so we want to help young, unfortunate children.

‘It’s not very straightforward but I feel we can help children with disabilities.

‘We are not medical people, but we have got the facilities and that’s what we are offering. We would love to help but to do that we need some help too.’

Ken said that the club would like to hear from groups or charities that would benefit from using the gymnasium’s facilities during the day, as he believed that the equipment in the club could be good for physiotherapy.

Not only have the club improved the changing rooms’ facilities, there has been an extension built which has meant the club has more room inside to accommodate more boxers and also has a bigger storage area.

Lou Stamp, who has helped run the club for 35 years, said: ‘We have got facilities for ladies now. We are always looking for female boxers.’

Coach Brad Phillips said: ‘The numbers within the club have gone up since as this gives us the opportunity to do something that we haven’t done before.’

To get in touch with the club call Ken Charman on 01489 581623.