Club’s success means wedding day fixture for Alex and Jane

GOOD MATCH Alex Pike will marry his partner Jane Hodge Picture: Sarah Standing (131321-4819)
GOOD MATCH Alex Pike will marry his partner Jane Hodge Picture: Sarah Standing (131321-4819)
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WHEN Alex Pike watched his Gosport Borough heroes win promotion, he knew it wasn’t just his football club that would be stepping up a league.

For Alex had promised partner Jane Hodge that when his side stepped up, he would move their relationship to a new level by setting a date for their wedding.

True to his word, the pair will wed on Friday, August 2 – two weeks before the start of the new season.

Alex, 52, said: ‘We both didn’t have any intention of getting married for a while yet. We got promoted last year and we got engaged.

‘When we were talking about getting married I said I would marry her when we got another promotion. We thought it would be another four or five years.

‘The chairman gave me five years to get into the Conference South.

‘So now I’ve got to stick to my word.

‘People are helping us organise things and getting everything ready. It all fell into place.’

The pair are due to marry at Crowe Hill Methodist Church near their home in Ringwood in the New Forest.

The following day, Gosport Borough have a friendly away to Frome Town – and afterwards all the players are being invited back to their home for a big party.

‘In the evening I’m bringing the players back to put on a hog roast and we can have a wedding party as well,’ Alex said.

‘I wouldn’t want it any other way. It has got everybody involved. It’s a real family affair.

‘It all happened so quickly but I’m looking forward to it now. We will have a great weekend of celebrations.’

The pair met seven years ago when Jane’s firm Biscoes solicitors first sponsored the club. The couple got together a couple of years ago and got engaged last year.

Jane, 50, said: ‘Alex was bragging and saying if we get to the play-offs, we are going to win them. So I said if we do, we’ll set a date.

‘I shouldn’t have doubted that he could do that and he went on and did it. In some ways it was a shock but it was stupid of me to be shocked.

‘I’m really excited about it. It will be a great day.

‘I haven’t even told people yet - my office doesn’t even know. They’ll find out when they read it in the paper.’