Collision with woman prompts a cyclist to voice safety fears

Commercial Road
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A CYCLIST who hit a woman who stepped out on to the road has appealed to pedestrians to take care.

The accident has prompted 33-year-old Warren Holmar, of Fareham, to warn people of the dangers of crossing over roads without looking.

Warren Holmar

Warren Holmar

Mr Holmar said he was cycling south on Fratton Road about 9pm on a Wednesday evening last month when it happened.

He said: ‘I was following a bus and then I saw a woman coming out of the Kwiki Mart. She didn’t look in my direction before she stepped out into the road.’

Mr Holmar said he couldn’t avoid hitting the woman and they both landed on the floor.

He said the woman had a black eye from the accident but he was unsure how severe her other injuries were.

Mr Holmar said he suffered a bad blow to his head, bruising on different parts of his body and broke his radial bone in his left arm.

He said: ‘I went over the handlebars. If I hadn’t been wearing a helmet I wouldn’t be talking now, that’s for sure.’

Mr Holmar said ‘three or four’ other pedestrians rushed to assist and he was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham for treatment.

He has been forced to take extra time off work, which he was already on leave from because of anxiety and depression problems.

Mr Holmar said he was cycling fast, but within the speed limit.

He said: ‘I was going about 25mph, but it’s a 30mph zone and I’m entitled to go that fast.’

Mr Holmar said he wanted to remind pedestrians that they should look out for oncoming traffic, and not rely on their ears to tell them if something was approaching.

He said: ‘Her argument was that she didn’t hear me coming.

‘But, I mean, they are making buses so quiet now, that people need to remember to look out, and not just listen out for coming traffic.’

Mr Holmar said that part of Fratton Road, just north of the Asda supermarket, was a dangerous stretch which was becoming a hot spot for accidents.

He said: ‘The thing that concerns me the most is that I have heard of three other people having accidents on that same stretch of road.’