Comedian Omid Djalili pokes fun at Portsmouth

Omid Djalili
Omid Djalili
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Comedian Omid Djalili has risked the wrath of Portsmouth with a not-so-funny dig at the city.

He took to Twitter to tell his 218,000 followers that Portsmouth is poor.

Djalili, who is also an actor listing The Mummy, Gladiator and Notting Hill among his credits, published a picture of the Spinnaker Tower as he returned from the Isle of Wight.

Like many before him, he compared the Portsmouth landmark to Burj Al Arab, the luxury hotel in Dubai, described as ‘the world’s only seven-star hotel.’

But Djalili’s accompanying message was less than complimentary, with a sign off hashtag that suggested Portsmouth was not prosperous.

‘Oh it’s #Portsmouth. #DubaiWithNoMoney’ he told his followers.

The London-based funnyman’s first significant success of his stand-up comedy career was at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1995.

It could well be that he takes account of whatever reaction there is in Portsmouth to his #DubaiWithNoMoney swipe. Shortly before bringing his show to the Guildhall last October, he told ‘Most comedians are sensitive to audience reaction.’

He added: ‘Generally speaking, comics like people. Stand up is basically one person talking to many people.’

The comedian’s comment provoked a mixed response today. Some visitors to The News Facebook page took issue with his jibe, including Phil James Carpenter, who said ‘Most historical city in the country, most fortified Island in the world.

The Tower of the Arabs in Dubai

The Tower of the Arabs in Dubai

I think we have more to offer than Dubai.’

But others saw nothing wrong with his swipe. Danielle Julie Williams said: ‘A good observation!’

And Sally-Marie Bartlam-Hawes said: ‘Hahahaha he’s not wrong Portsmouth born & bred - I love my city but it doesn’t mean we can’t take a gentle poke.’

As people had their say, the comedian tweeted again on the subject, saying: ‘I get Dubai with a little help from my friends’

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