Could you be the person to sponsor Emmanuel?

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ANTI-poverty charity, ActionAid, has launched an urgent appeal for sponsorship for a child from Malawi.

The charity is urging someone from Portsmouth to step forward and sponsor Emmanuel, five, as the child of their city this Christmas.

In Malawi, ActionAid helps by providing the basics – food, water and healthcare as well as agricultural support to farming families.

Through child sponsorship the charity has also helped build schools so children like Emmanuel have a brighter future.

Commenting on behalf of ActionAid, Jane Moyo says: ‘For just £15 a month, child sponsorship through ActionAid can help bring about real, long-term change.

‘You’ll get two letters a year from the child you sponsor, and updates from the country to tell you how the money you donate is changing lives.

‘That could be through building classrooms, supplying clean water, delivering basic healthcare and even offering small business training.

‘We’re hoping this focused local appeal in Portsmouth will help us change Emmanuel’s future for good.’

Visit ActionAid’s blog for more information or to sponsor a child directly go to