Could your pet be a World Cup psychic?

Wayne Rooney after England's defeat against Italy
Wayne Rooney after England's defeat against Italy
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We had Paul the Octopus at the last World Cup in South Africa in 2010, and now it seems that psychic pets are everywhere in 2014.

With Brazil placing their confidence in a 25 year old sea turtle called Big Head and Funtik the pig being used in France, we ask who exactly is flying the national flag for us in England?

It may be that the Blue Reef Aquarium in Southsea could hold the answer in the fearsome shape of Rodney the zebra shark.

General manager Lindsay Holloway said that Rodney correctly called not only the outcome of England’s game against Italy on Saturday but the order of goals as well.

Rodney is able to predict scores by bumping into a choice of two targets, secretly filled with shark food, and decorated in the national colours of England and that of the opposing team.

The six foot shark is now gearing up for England’s match against Uruguay on Thursday, but do you have a pet with a track record of good football predictions?

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