Council penalises taxi drivers for blocking the road

Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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TAXI drivers have been issued with penalty points for blocking a road while parked in a public lay-by.

Havant Borough Council penalised drivers parking their cabs in a lay-by in Jasmine Grove, Waterlooville, following an investigation.

It comes as a Jasmine Grove resident, who did not want to be named, contacted The News to say taxis are stationed in the lay-by for most of the day, making it difficult for drivers wanting to get into and out of the road.

He said: ‘You get taxi drivers in the lay-by who will park adjacent to each other, talking through their windows.

‘It does cause problems going up and down the road.

‘They are blocking the road. My partner is pregnant and we won’t be able to get out if we are in a hurry. They are mainly there in the daytime.

‘It’s one of those things you turn a blind eye to unless it affects you.

‘It’s close to the A3 and easy for them to get to their jobs.

‘I want a designated parking area where they can go to.

‘If it doesn’t stop, I will start up a petition. I don’t mind them using the lay-by but there shouldn’t be obstruction to the highway.’

Waterlooville taxi firm Andi Cars confirmed one of its drivers was issued with penalty points by Havant Borough Council after referring the issue to the authority.

A spokesman said: ‘We identified a driver, who has been sent down to Havant Borough Council. He has been dealt with internally by Andi Cars and the council don’t think it will be any further issue.’

‘We have told them not to park there in the future.

‘Andi Cars is not a company that ignores complaints and it was handed over to Havant Borough Council to be dealt with formally.’

Although the authority confirmed drivers were penalised, it would not reveal who they worked for.

A spokesman said: ‘Havant Borough Council’s licensing team was made aware of a problem involving licensed vehicles via the private hire company.

‘After some investigation, a licensing officer visited the site and whilst the private hire vehicles were legally allowed to park in the lay-by in Jasmine Grove it was deemed the way in which they were blocking the road was inappropriate.

‘The licensing officer has approached the relevant drivers and issued them with penalty points to their private hire vehicle driver licence.’