Couple desperate for their '˜last chance' at getting IVF treatment

A COUPLE are fighting to get IVF treatment for '˜one last shot' at starting a family.

Monday, 28th May 2018, 7:30 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:52 am
Cathryn and Anthony Lewis of Elson, Gopsort.

Cathryn Lewis, 27 from Gosport, and her partner Anthony are fundraising for a final round of IVF treatment.

The couple have had a couple of unsuccessful pregnancies in the past, but remain optimistic about their chances.

To raise the money, Cathryn and Anthony have been holding some fundraising events in the community.

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Cathryn said: ‘I’ve been trying to start a family for almost a decade now.

‘I’ve tried fertility drugs and have had rounds of IVF in the past, but nothing has worked.

‘I’ve now had a band put in by a specialist and would now like to have one last try and starting a family.’

Cathryn says that the support from people has been ‘staggering’ – with her campaign already raising £3,500.

She said: ‘It costs £12,000 for the IVF treatment – but I can’t put a price on having the chance to start a family.

‘People have been so supportive so far and that’s been really touching.

‘I wouldn’t go through with this if I didn’t think it was possible.

‘We can’t go down the adoption route because Anthony works in the armed forces, and military families aren’t allowed to adopt, as it turns out.

‘But we didn’t want to just start a fundraising page because it’s not fair on the people supporting us, so we have done a few events and plan on doing more.

‘It’s important to give back to those who have given us their backing.’

The couple are feeling good about their chances to start a family – and say it would mean the world to them to finally see their dream of having a child become a reality.

Cathryn said: ‘I’m positive that this is our best chance of starting a family – but it is also our last chance.

‘Even though I’m only 27, this is our final shot at starting a family because of how things have gone in the past with previous treatments.

‘We’re just so desperate to finally have our own special little person in our lives.

‘It’s so important to me to make this a reality – especially after the losses we have had in the past.

‘We’ve had two daughters where instead of planning happy memories, we’ve had to plan their funerals.

‘I’m determined to show that we can start our own family – but this really is our last chance to do so.’

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