Couple ‘disgusted’ after being ‘locked’ in Havant Station in midnight saga

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IT WAS supposed to be a stress-free journey home after a holiday.

However Keith and Lesley Ellis were distraught when they found themselves ‘locked in’ at a deserted train station.

Keith and Lesley Ellis

Keith and Lesley Ellis

The couple, from Horndean, pulled into Havant just before midnight on Wednesday, travelling from London Waterloo.

Already tired after their Eurostar service from France was delayed, the pair were less than impressed to discover they could not leave the station via the main entrance.

Mr Ellis, 71, said: ‘When we got off the train everything was barred up and all the shutters were down.

‘We tried to look for another exit along the platform but couldn’t see one.

‘We both struggle with our knees so we attempted to use the lift to get to the other side – this was out of service.

‘So we climbed the stairs over the bridge where, thankfully, a gate was open.

‘We then had to walk at least a quarter of a mile to find a cab to get home.

‘It was all a hell of a struggle with two heavy suitcases – there was nobody there at all.

‘If we had been in wheelchairs there would have been no way we could’ve got out the station. We were quite disgusted.’

After complaining to South Western Railway – which manages Havant Station – Keith was told there was an exit gate on the platform which he and his wife arrived.

Mr Ellis said: ‘We looked for a way out, but if there was any signage it was too dark to see anyway because the station lights were all really dim.

‘I was also told the lifts are turned off for health and safety reasons once all staff members have gone home.’

Havant Station is manned by staff from 5am until 10.30pm from Monday to Saturday and from 6.30am on Sunday.

South Western Railway advises customers experiencing difficulties outside these hours to use the station’s platform help point.