Couple’s shock as wire slices into their dog

Christine Wickham, Stan Wickham and their dog Smudge.''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132117-787)
Christine Wickham, Stan Wickham and their dog Smudge.''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132117-787)
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AN ELDERLY couple’s beloved pet dog needed emergency surgery after it was sliced open by a stray piece of wire in a Portsmouth park.

Stan Wickham, 84, was walking his Jack Russell Smudge in Bransbury Park in Eastney when she got caught up on a fence post.

She yelped in pain after some wire attached to it which hadn’t been snipped back properly cut the side of her stomach open.

Mr Wickham alerted his wife Chris, 76, and rushed the bleeding animal to Companion Care Veterinary Surgery in Burrfields Road, Copnor, where she received treatment.

Though eight-year-old Smudge is now on the mend, she had to have 12 stitches and needs to be kept home while she recovers.

Mrs Wickham and her husband, who live in Bransbury Road, Eastney, have been left in a state of shock since it all happened – and are concerned that a child playing in the park might get hurt.

Mrs Wickham said: ‘We have got grandchildren and it could have happened to them.

‘You know what children are like – they like to play. That’s what we are worried about.

‘Our dog is not well. She is in a bad way.

‘Though she needs her run, I don’t think we’ll be able to go out with her for a few days.’

Mr Wickham said: ‘I was shocked – it was quite bad. She is only a little dog. It happened all on one side of her.

‘If it had happened to a child it would have been even more shocking. It shook me up.’

The fencing was put in to protect new trees and bushes as they started to grow.

Though Portsmouth City Council said it couldn’t be sure who was to blame, a spokesman admitted a ground maintenance worker might have accidentally left the wire sticking out when they cut it in order to trim the grass around the fence posts.

The council said it will make necessary repairs and sent its apologies to the family and their dog.