Couple say cheese and ditch the wedding cake

FOR two people to come together over a shared passion is rather romantic.

Thursday, 17th August 2017, 6:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:12 pm
Emma Bazely and Sam Dean tuck into an Asda cheesecake at their wedding

In the case of Emma Brazely and Sam Dean, they took their shared love of cheesecake to the next level.

When the two cheesecake superfans tied the knot on a farm near Portsmouth, they swapped the traditional wedding cake for their favourite £2.50 supermarket cheesecake – which was upscaled by the supermarket to suit the occasion.

The couple had been dating since May 2015 – having met at the gym – and have celebrated numerous ‘cheesecake Tuesdays’ together.

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Their favourite cheesecake is the white chocolate and raspberry baked cheesecake from Asda.

The store worked with their master baker to create a giant version of the cheesecake, which is prepared with Scottish raspberries and Belgian white chocolate on a golden biscuit base.

Emma, who is a fundraiser for a breast cancer charity, says that the idea was initially Sam’s – though she was very excited by the idea.

She said: ‘When we started planning the wedding, Sam was insistent that we had his favourite cheesecake on our big day, rather than a traditional wedding cake.

‘So I contacted Asda in May and they agreed to gift us with four super-size versions of the dessert to look like a wedding cake.

‘We’ve been so excited to mark our big day with our favourite pudding and show our guests why we love them so much.’

A spokesman from Asda said that the request was a unique challenge that was relished by their team of bakers.

He said: ‘We usually make cheesecakes to feed either a single person or six people, and so creating four cheesecakes to feed 20 people each was a challenge, but still a challenge that we were happy to take on.

‘The extra special white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake is hand-made in small batches using Belgian white chocolate, British cream and juicy Scottish raspberries.

‘It is an indulgent treat that we all love and are very proud of, but we never imagined that someone would want one for their wedding.

‘It was quite the compliment.’