Couple share wedding day

BIG DAY Marcus and Claire Wynne got married yesterday in Gosport
BIG DAY Marcus and Claire Wynne got married yesterday in Gosport
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IT was a double celebration for Claire and Marcus Wynne who got married yesterday too.

The couple were already married but Claire, 26, decided she wanted to become a Catholic like her 36-year-old husband.

So the couple were married again at St Mary’s Church in Gosport High Street yesterday morning, and they now share their new anniversary with the royal couple.

Their daughters Ella, six, and Holly, three, were bridesmaids at the small ceremony in the town.

Claire said: ‘It’s nice, it’s going to be more memorable. It’s something that our children can remember and think mum and dad got married on the same day as Will and Kate. It was really lovely. Everything went really well and it was lovely to come back here.’

The couple only found out they would be getting married on Tuesday, as it was the first date they were given.

‘I was embarrassed because everyone on the street was taking the mick saying we’re the Will and Kate of Gosport,’ added Claire.

The couple celebrated their wedding with a street party at their home in Cedar Close.