Crufts appearance is a success for Endal

ON PARADE Hounds for Heroes at Crufts
ON PARADE Hounds for Heroes at Crufts
Tyler Smith

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A FAMOUS assistance dog has made a personal appearance at Crufts representing his owner’s charity.

Endal Junior, who helps Gulf War veteran Allen Parton, received a warm welcome at the event in Birmingham on behalf of Hounds for Heroes.

‘We had thought long and hard at Hounds for Heroes as to whether we could even justify attending Crufts this year as we are such a young charity and every penny coming in matters greatly to our operation and speed of set-up,’ said Mr Parton.

‘Attending events such as Crufts costs the charity money, that is a fact of life, so every event we do get involved with is carefully evaluated as to its overall value to the charity in both the long and short-term.

‘I’ve never ever seen Crufts as a fundraising event but more as a friend-raising event and raising awareness of what we do to a much wider audience is an invaluable thing to do in the charity sector.’

Mr Parton and Endal Junior met a number of people from organisations that wanted to donate.

He was given leftover funds from dog charities being wound up.

He said: ‘It is just a fantastically kind and generous thing to do and it really does motivate the Hounds for Heroes team to carry that legacy.’

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