Dakota the husky sings with Rihanna

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Pop star Rihanna has a new singalong fan – a race-winning husky called Dakota.

As soon as the 18 month old hears the pop star’s hit Diamonds, she starts to howl.

Dakota the husky

Dakota the husky

Owner Katherine Brown said she noticed that Dakota was a fan of the song one day when the song came on the radio.

‘She must have been about six months old and I was bringing her back from the park in the car and the radio was on. She started howling,’ Katherine said.

‘By chance we were doing the same journey another day and the song came on again and she did it again.

‘I haven’t heard of any other dogs doing it. She does howl when she hears herself on a running video or she hears her pack.

‘It’s cute. I love the fact that she will sing on command. It’s her own party trick.’

Dakota is one of a husky team with which Katherine, who works at Portsmouth University, has achieved racing success.