Dan goes on a mission to help Ugandan village

MISSION  Dan Hook next to the 3,000-litre water tank his company has funded
MISSION Dan Hook next to the 3,000-litre water tank his company has funded
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A Wickham businessman has returned from an aid mission to Uganda.

Dan Hook helped out the village of Nkuringo in south-western Uganda.

He is managing director of Portchester-based firm ASV, which provided funds for a 3,000-litre water tank for the local people to be able to store water in during the wet season.

‘The trip was a real eye-opener for me,’ said Dan, whose company specialises in providing unmanned boats to be used all over the world in science and survey industries.

‘Uganda is a naturally beautiful place but in definite need of support for essentials, primarily clean water.

‘Our water tank will help the local people make it through the dry season.’

Dan said he has now had time to reflect on the life-changing mission.

‘The people need basic nutrition, medical supplies and educational materials,’ he said.

‘As a business we are involved in marine technology, robotics and deployment of sensors.

‘This technology will help the rural population in that area.

‘I will be going back.’

Chris Read, from the Nkuringo Foundation, had encouraged Dan and several other business team leaders, including Selina Russell, founder of Liss-based nursery supplies business Cheeky Rascals, to accompany him on his latest mission.

As part of the mission, a total of three water tanks were built.

And more than 2,000 pieces of children’s clothing were also given out during their travels.

The Nkuringo Foundation is responsible for the construction of a music school in the village, aiming for the community as a whole to get more creative.

‘I wanted to take recycled instruments from here in the UK and place them in a new home in Nkuringo,’ said Chris, from Portsmouth.

‘It is a place of immense beauty, a truly special place on Earth.’

Cheeky Rascals’ director, Selina Russell, said: ‘We did what we could, had a lot of fun, and brought home the warmth of a thousand smiles.’