Daredevil photographer is identified

The man - thought to be Michael Dearing - hanging from the M275 crane
The man - thought to be Michael Dearing - hanging from the M275 crane
Sailors from HMS Sultan dress as pirates at the Sultan Show.  PICTURE:STEVE REID(072581-66)

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  • Passerby spotted man hanging by his fingernails from huge crane
  • Selfie photo appeared on Facebook of the daredevil stunt
  • Readers call in to say the man is Michael Dearing
  • Facebook pictures show he has tried the stunt several times
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IT seems the mystery of the dangling man has been solved.

Pictures of a young man hanging hundreds of feet from a crane over the M275 have proved a huge hit on social media sites.

And The News has managed to track them down to the Facebook page of Michael Dearing, a former Oaklands Catholic School pupil who now lives in Portsmouth.

He has uploaded several images of himself hanging off high structures by his fingertips – while taking photographs of the amazing feats using a selfie stick.

The News was inundated with calls from readers who recognised Michael, 24, from the photo printed in Wednesday’s paper.

One said: ‘It wasn’t a surprise to see the photo.

‘Michael is a bit of a jack the lad.

‘No one was surprised when he did it.

‘He probably just did it for attention.’

The News contacted Mr Dearing but he did not respond.