Death due to work with asbestos in 50s

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A MAN died due to his apprenticeship work refitting naval ships, a coroner’s court has heard.

John Tippett, from Winnham Drive, Fareham, died last October from complications arising from mesothelioma.

The disease is a fatal cancer caused by working with asbestos.

Mesothelioma can take around 40 years for symptoms to show.

The 77-year old retired draftsman had worked in the dockyard when he left school in the 1950s.

Deputy coroner Robert Stone said: ‘When you think about it, his exposure to asbestos was a long time ago.

‘But I am told it is one of those things that catch up with you.

‘They know of the dangers now, but still it is not nice.’

He ruled John’s death as due to an industrial disease.

Daughters Debbie Horsnell and Karen Laverick supported their mum through the inquest.

Debbie said: ‘It is a vile, vile horrible illness that nobody should have to endure. It was awful.’

Hildy added: ‘They didn’t know back then, there will be many, many more.’