Diamond wedding: Albert and Jo Walton

Albert and Jo married in Watford in 1956, and have been together ever since
Albert and Jo married in Watford in 1956, and have been together ever since
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They’ve not been the type to have lots of nights out together as a married couple – and that’s because over the years, Albert and Jo Walton say they’ve been happiest at home relaxing in each other’s company.

Last week the diamond couple from Gosport celebrated 60 years together with a family lunch, followed by a tea party and an even bigger family outing to the Isle of Wight.

Daughter Julia says: ‘It was a great two days of family fun.

‘We used to go to the Isle of Wight as children so it was nice for us to relive those days.’

Albert, 92, and Jo, 78, are originally from London. They married in Watford in 1956 where they lived for some time.

Jo, who was a housewife, says: ‘We were family friends and we’d known of each other all our lives. Eventually we ended up together.’

But Albert, who worked for half his working life in the civil service and the other half in the private sector, was surprised that his wife would go out with him.

‘Jo looked awfully liked Audrey Hepburn. And there’s her green eyes, I like those.

‘I couldn’t believe she wanted to go out with me.’

But she did, and the couple went on to have three daughters: Julia, 58, Lisa, 56, and Catherine, 55.

They also have seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

After deciding that they wanted to be near the sea, Albert and Jo moved to Gosport in 1966.

Albert says: ‘I wrote off to the civil service at the Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment on Portsdown Hill and they offered me a job.’

Albert also says that when they were younger, the couple took lots of trips with their children.

‘We enjoyed going out at the weekends and we’ve been on a lot of holidays. One of our favourite places was Guernsey.’

Jo adds: ‘But other than that we didn’t go out much, we’ve been quite happy at home.

‘We used to enjoy relaxing and watching telly when the kids had gone to bed. We’ve just enjoyed each other’s company.’

The pair both agree that Jo’s diet has allowed 92-year-old Albert to see his diamond wedding.

Jo says: ‘I was a vegan. I eat more now but I’ve brought Albert up on all sorts of vegetables and it’s done him the world of good.’

On hitting 60 years together, the couple say they are happy to be celebrating surrounded by a good family.

‘Compared to other couples we don’t appear compatible, it’s a case of opposites attracting, says Albert.

‘We’re not the lovey-dovey type of couple, but we show love to each other in other ways, I looked after Jo when she was younger and she has definitely returned the favour.’