Dinosaur takes journey on the trains in the city

ON THE MOVE The dinosaur at Portsmouth Harbour station
ON THE MOVE The dinosaur at Portsmouth Harbour station
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THERE was an unusual passenger spotted at Portsmouth Harbour train station.

The dinosaur was snapped on the platform yesterday.

It comes as the Isle of Wight starts a new dinosaur experience on the island.

Earlier this year, a dinosaur expert from the University of Portsmouth took part in the launch of an app for smart phones and tablets.

Palaeontologist Dr Steve Sweetman was on the island, which is known as Dinosaur Island.

The Dinosaur Island Trail uses new technology to give visitors the chance to see themselves standing alongside dinosaurs in the very place they were discovered.

The app is available to download anywhere, but will only come to life at six coastal locations on the Isle of Wight.

Using the new app, visitors can use their smart phones and tablets to take a picture of their family and friends walking alongside the dinosaurs that roamed the Isle of Wight 130 million years ago.

The experience links the dinosaur characters in the Walking with Dinosaurs movie, due to be released this year, to the dinosaurs that lived on the Isle of Wight.

Dr Sweetman is a member of the Palaeobiology Research Group at the university, and has discovered more than 50 new species of vertebrates that lived in the shadows of the dinosaurs.