Disco team comes up trumps at dance festival

GOING FOR GOLD The winners from Gems Dance School, at the Camber Sands Freestyle Dance Festival
GOING FOR GOLD The winners from Gems Dance School, at the Camber Sands Freestyle Dance Festival

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THESE talented young dancers walked away with a huge haul of trophies from a dance festival.

The students, aged from five to 19, came up trumps at the Camber Sands Freestyle Dance Festival.

Proud teacher Gemma Williams, of Gems Dance School, said they were fantastic on and off the dance floor at the three-day event.

The 31-year-old, who has run the school for five years, said: ‘The dance was freestyle disco.

‘The dancers don’t know what song they will be dancing to but they do know what beat it will be.

‘Once the music starts it’s your own interpretation and it lasts about a minute and a half.

‘It’s highly skilled and a very high-energy dance.’

Street dance and rock ‘n’ roll competitions were also held.

The costumes are a big part of the competition and those taking part wore fabulous outfits.

Gemma said: ‘I’m very, very proud of them all.

‘They were fantastic, not only on the dancefloor but off the dancefloor.

‘They supported each other. We are a real family community at the dance school.

‘The whole weekend was brilliant. They can’t wait to go back again next year. It was like going on a family holiday but getting to dance and achieve something at the same time.’

In total 35 dancers went on the trip and 17 came back with first, second or third place trophies and medals.

The school has 250 dancers who train across Havant and Waterlooville.

The youngest dancer is three and the eldest is 19.


First place

· Kiera Delahay, eight, Bedhampton

· Amy Wilson, 19, Havant

· Latisha Wilson, five, Leigh Park

· Harriet Laybourne, seven, Waterlooville

· Charlie Bury, 15, Havant

· Lucie Barnes, 12, Havant

· Pairs – Kate Cooper, 11 Hayling & Brandon White, 11, Wecock

Second place

· Pairs – Molly & Grace Hill, both 10, Leigh Park

· Olivia Disdle, 11, Leigh Park, and Lucy Hall, 14, Wecock

· Hannah Goddard & Hannah Phillips, both 12, Havant

Third place

· Freya Smith, nine, Waterlooville, Steph Ward, 11, Havant

· Pairs – Caitlin Watson, 11, Leigh Park & Olivia Leigh-Williamson, 13, West Leigh