Divers head deep to find old warship on Solent seabed

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A TEAM of divers is plumbing the depths of the Solent in a bid to find out more about a sunken warship.

Led by Jane Maddocks, from Gosport, the archaeological dive team is looking at the Crimean warship SS Faith.

The cargo ship sank 12 miles off the Isle of Wight in 1855 in stormy seas.

Ms Maddocks told The News they had looked at the wreck and were due to record it in detail today.

She said: ‘We’ve had a brilliant dive, with all the structure laid out in front.

‘When we went down the visibility was good enough, we could see everything there.’

Ms Maddocks is an underwater heritage advisor for the British Sub-Aqua Club.

She added: ‘We need to understand what’s there.

‘We know the weather has already made some substantial difference to the wreckage.

‘She’s hugely dispersed.

‘She’s got various items of cargo stored around.’

The team is also looking for the propeller.

The SS Faith steamship was built in 1852 by Laird and Sons of Birkenhead and had full sails.

The dive was funded by a £2,000 BSAC Jubilee Trust grant.