Dog attack could lead to increased patrols at Fort Gilkicker

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EXTRA patrols could be carried out at a popular dog walking spot after a rottweiler attacked a woman’s pet.

The animal pounced on her pet and left it with cuts around her eyes.

Councillor Peter Edgar has now asked Gosport Borough Council’s Streetscene team to step up patrols in the area.

It comes after police say they will not be taking any action as a result of the attack.

Cllr Edgar said: ‘Obviously we can’t be there 24 hours a day but we can upgrade the patrols in my view and that should happen.

‘I think the council should play its part. I have asked them for extra vigilance in the area.

‘Ms Evans is very upset and it’s had quite an effect on her.

‘I have represented the Stokes Bay area for nearly 30 years and this is the first incident like this that has been brought to my attention.’

As reported in The News, 58-year-old Ms Evans has been warning other dog users to be on their guard when taking their pets to Fort Gilkicker.

The Streetscene team are looking at increasing patrols in the area.

Ms Evans, from Gosport, said: ‘I think what Cllr Edgar has asked them to do is a good idea.

‘Whether it works or not it doesn’t matter because anything is worth a try.

‘I think it’s wrong the police aren’t taking it any further and it’s disappointing.’

When Ms Evans tried to pull the rottweiler off her dog during the attack on August 16, she was knocked into a bush, which scratched her. She called police who turned up to speak to the dog’s owner.

She then received a letter from police saying there was insufficient evidence to say the rottweiler caused the injuries.

Ms Evans added: ‘I’m still too frightened to go back there and when I do take my dog out for walks now we’re both very nervous.

‘I try to steer clear of big dogs anyway but it’s just such a shame that our enjoyable walks out now make us feel like this.’

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary confirmed no further action will be taken following their investigation.