Dog found four months later 25 miles away

REUNITED Marley is safe
REUNITED Marley is safe
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A DOG went missing from Chichester – and ended up being found four months later near Petersfield.

Marley, a seven-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was reported stolen on June 20 by his owners in Fishbourne.

On October 18, Richard Smith, dog warden for East Hampshire District Council, was called to collect a stray dog at Buriton.

The hound had no identification tag, but Richard scanned the dog and found it had a microchip fitted, which identified it as Marley.

The microchip, the size of a grain of rice, also holds contact details for the owners, so Mr Smith was able to make contact with the family and reunite them with their pet.

Owner Lorraine Harding, 49, said she was stunned when she got the call to say her dog was found near Petersfield.

‘Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be Marley,’ she said.

‘It’s wonderful to have him back. I have a seven-year-old son and on the day I got Marley back I walked him to school to pick my son up.

‘My son had no idea and just looked at him saying “Is it real, it is real?”. He put both hands on his head and burst into tears.’

Pictures of Marley had been put up at The Bull’s Head pub, but to no avail. Mrs Harding added: ‘I would say to any dog owner, microchipping is the best money you will ever spend. It’s like having a child or best friend back.’

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