Dog Grooming store is cut above the rest

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A DOG grooming shop is preparing to mark its 50th anniversary in style.

Dandini’s Dog Grooming, on Chichester Road, North End, will hold a drinks and nibbles event on November 3 to celebrate.

There will be food and drink for dogs and their owners at the event.

And former owner Jan Whipp – who ran the business for 40 years – will perform grooming displays on a poodle and a labrador.

Current owner and dog groomer Caroline Logan said: ‘50 years is a big achievement.

‘There were four or five other groomers open when Dandini’s opened and they have all shut down now – we’re the only ones that are still here.

‘We wanted to celebrate that and have a bit of fun with our customers at the same time.

‘And we thought this would be a good way to promote what we do.’

The grooming parlour only uses natural products on its customer’s dogs, and all its shampoos are 100 per cent natural as are its foods.

Dandini’s also sells herbal remedies for dogs and offers these as treatments for skin conditions.

Caroline, 35, from Southsea, said: ‘We look after our dogs and do the best we can for them, I think that’s why people come back to us.

‘We’re chatty with the customers and the dogs seem to enjoy it.’

The free event starts at 12pm and anyone can go.