Dog lover told his pet has to go

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A HOUSING association tenant fears he will be evicted after his landlord said he must get rid of his dog – which has lived in the block for a decade.

Christopher Webb, 51, said he was devastated to be told Lucy the Jack Russell must go or he will be kicked out of the First Wessex flat in East Street, Havant.

Christopher Webb and Philip Lightfoot with Mr Webb's dog Lucy

Christopher Webb and Philip Lightfoot with Mr Webb's dog Lucy

Mr Webb inherited the dog when his neighbour Barbara Webb died a year ago.

She owned Lucy for 10 years in her own First Wessex housing association flat in the same block of one-bedroom accommodation.

Mr Webb and his neighbour, Phillip Lightfoot, believe the action is unfair as they say they have complained about nuisance neighbours, also under the same housing association, but nothing has been done about it.

‘They said I have to get rid of the dog’, said Mr Webb, a charity shop volunteer.

‘She’s been here for 10 years and they’ve never said anything before.

‘She is a companion to me and very quiet and well behaved. No-one has ever complained about her.

‘Lucy is known all over Havant – people love her.

‘I would be devastated if I’m forced to get rid of her. She wouldn’t survive the upset.’

Mr Webb said he thinks First Wessex is being unfair on him because he has been complaining for months about anti-social behaviour in the area.

And Mr Lightfoot said: ‘Lucy is a lovely little dog and she’s not doing anyone any harm. It’s very unfair.’

Carol Williams, operations director at First Wessex, said claims of anti-social behaviour had been investigated with police and no evidence was found.

She added: ‘We understand the importance placed on pets by many residents but not all of our properties are suitable for keeping pets.

‘If a property becomes vacant, it is made very clear whether pets are allowed or not and the policy explained to prospective residents before any tenancy agreement is signed.

‘When we are aware that someone is keeping a pet in a block that does not allow them, we work with that resident to ensure that they comply with the terms of their tenancy.’

She said Mr Webb has 28 days to rehome Lucy.