Don’t leave pets in cars, warns animal shelter

Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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PET owners are being warned of the dangers of leaving animals in locked cars during hot weather.

As the temperatures soar, a dog nearly died before being spotted left locked in a car.

Head of fundraising at the Stubbington Ark animal shelter Vanessa Eden said: ‘Last week an eight-month-old dog was seen in a car in a Fareham retail car park.

‘Although all the windows were left slightly open, the dog was in obvious distress and was showing signs of dehydration. On checking the temperature in the car, it was found to be 30C.

‘The owner, who said he leaves the dog in the car every day whilst at his part time job thought he was doing everything right by leaving the windows open.

‘On being shown the temperature inside the car he was visibly devastated at being told that if his dog was left in that temperature any longer it would have ended in heartbreak.

‘People just don’t realise that the car can quickly become an oven even though parked in the shade and windows open.

‘That is why, we as a charity are trying to educate the public that leaving animals in cars is unacceptable and even a quick trip to the supermarket can quickly end in tragedy.’

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