Donate unwanted clothes to a good cause

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FAMILIES in Portsmouth are being urged to clear out their wardrobes and donate unwanted clothes to a worthy cause.

Clothes Aid, which collects garments for charities, wants people to fill up a bag so it can be sold off to raise money for the NSPCC.

The childrens’ charity will receive £300 for every tonne of clothing collected, the equivalent of around 200 bags.

The money could be used to pay for more counsellors to answer calls from children and adults with concerns and improve services for people who have been abused.

Wrap, a company which helps businesses reduce waste, found households own £4,000 worth of clothes and 30 per cent of them have not been worn in a year. Emma Taylor, corporate fundraising manager at the NSPCC, said: ‘Clearing out old clothes is a great way for people to support the NSPCC. The charity relies on the generosity of the public and the money raised will help the NSPCC to continue to protect vulnerable children.’

To arrange a collection call Clothes Aid on 08450 722 780.