‘Drivers use village as a way to avoid A27’

Potholes on the A27  between Chichester and Portsmouth
Potholes on the A27 between Chichester and Portsmouth
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  • Campaign launched to get potholes on A27 filled
  • Worst areas are between Havant and Chichester
  • Government urged to do more to stop car damage – and potential accidents in outlying villages used as rat runs
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VILLAGERS say potholes on the A27 are leading to traffic that is blighting their lives and could cause a serious accident.

Funtington Road Action Group (FRAG) has supported The News’ Time to Fill campaign, calling for urgent repairs to the pothole-ridden A27 between Chichester and Havant.

The present condition of this stretch of the A27 further threatens public safety on Common Road, Funtington

Lou Scott-Joynt

The group was set up in a bid to reduce and calm traffic flows through the village.

Members believe a serious accident could happen because people are using the back roads through the village to avoid the pot holes on the A27.

Chairman Lou Scott-Joynt said: ‘We have known for some time that the road through Funtington is widely used as a way of avoiding the A27 between Havant and Chichester.

‘The present condition of this stretch of the A27 further threatens public safety on Common Road, Funtington.’

The group was initially set up to help the struggling village shop.

But it soon became apparent that villagers believed the road was the main reason for the shop’s troubles.

Mrs Scott-Joynt said the road was narrow and had limited pavement, leaving older residents ‘frightened’ to cross the road.

Surveys by the group indicated up to 8,000 vehicles passed through the village each day, with increasing numbers of heavy goods vehicles.

Mrs Scott-Joynt said: “We are very concerned and don’t want to get to the point of someone being killed.

‘It’s only a matter of time before it happens, and meanwhile the poor old shop has far less custom than it would do if the road was safer to cross.’

Highways England has stood firm on its pledge to spend £4.5m over the next three years, despite growing support for more immediate action.

National pothole campaigner Mark ‘Mr Pothole’ Morrell last week supported our campaign.

If you have been affected by the potholes call Jeff Travis on (023) 9249 2444 or e-mail jeff.travis@thenews.co.uk.