Dumped in a box in woods near Waterlooville, these kittens were just left to die

IN SAFE HANDS The four male kittens that were found dumped in Waterlooville.  Picture: Steve Reid (121304-020)
IN SAFE HANDS The four male kittens that were found dumped in Waterlooville. Picture: Steve Reid (121304-020)

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THESE kittens were dumped in a wood to fend for themselves.

At only a few days old, their chances of survival would have been slim.

But they were saved by a family out who found them while out for a walk in Southwick Forest, Waterlooville.

The family took them home and immediately called the Fareham and Waterlooville branch of Cats Protection, which swung into action.

One of the kittens, a female, died. But the four remaining males are thriving thanks to the charity, whose volunteers have been giving them round-the-clock care.

Inga Silverberg, who was the first to look after them, said: ‘Originally the family thought they were about five weeks old but when we arrived we realised they were much younger – only a few days at the most and they still had their umbilical cords.

‘I took them home and bottle fed them every hour using tiny little 10cc pet nursing bottles full of special milk.

‘Unfortunately, one struggled to feed because there was a problem with her oesophagus and despite being on a drip at the vets she passed away.

‘But the others are doing very well with Dee Dolby, another of our volunteers. They are absolutely gorgeous and we both want to look after them.’

The cats will remain with Mrs Dolby at her home in Whiteley until they are at least nine weeks old.

They will then be old enough to have their injections, which Cats Protection will pay for, and can be considered for adoption.

Mrs Silverberg added: ‘These kittens were abandoned without their mother because whoever abandoned them did not want kittens.

‘But they have got a cat that has not been spayed and as soon as her milk dries up she will go back into season and they will have another litter and this will probably happen again.

‘But it doesn’t have to. If the owners are on low income or benefits they can get help from Cats Protection to get the cat spayed.’

To find out more about adopting the kittens or making a charity donation call 0845 260 1504 or go to fareham.cats.org.uk