Easter message by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth, the Rt Rev Philip Egan

Bishop Philip
Bishop Philip
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Happy Easter! For Catholic Christians, Easter is the most important moment in the year.

During Lent, we follow the journey of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem recorded in the Gospels.

But this week, we commemorate his entry into the Holy City (Palm Sunday), his death on the Cross of Calvary (Good Friday), his descent among the dead (Holy Saturday) and his glorious resurrection from the tomb (Easter Sunday).

We believe that Jesus Christ is God the Son and that his death and resurrection at Easter has a life-changing significance for every single person on 

None of us is perfect in life.

But by dying and rising, Jesus offers the forgiveness of sin to those who repent and through his Church the ‘grace’ or energy to live a better and more holy life.

What is more, his death and resurrection has created a passage for us through death to heaven, so that when we die, having lived a life in communion with Jesus, we will be able to enter the happiness of heaven to be with God, the angels and saints forever.

This is what we mean by the joy and ‘new life’ of Easter, symbolised in the Easter eggs we give each other.

I wish you and all readers of The News a very Happy Easter! Jesus wants to share his life with you, me and everyone on earth. I long for you too to welcome the Good News of Christ and to receive his gift of eternal life!

From Bishop Philip