ELECTIONS: Overall turnout in Crawley 28.3 per cent

Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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The overall turnout in Crawley for the West Sussex County Council election is 28.3 per cent, deputy returning officer Lee Harris has announced.

The full results are expected at lunchtime.

At the last full county election in 2009, Broadfield earned the dubious honour of achieving the lowest turn-out in the county, with 27.02 per cent.

Even the town’s highest turn-out - 39.72 per cent in the ever-reliable Tilgate & Furnace Green – fell far short of other county wards, with Bramber Castle breaking the 50 per cent mark.

One voting option which has caught on over the past few years is the opportunity to cast your vote by post.

Some 12,300 people in Crawley are registered to do so this year, a rise of almost 1,500 compared to the borough elections of 2012.