Elsa settles in at new home... in Newcastle!

Elsa with her new owners Daniel and Hannah Dixon
Elsa with her new owners Daniel and Hannah Dixon
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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WHEN Sarah Dixon laid eyes on a litter of cute white kittens, her heart melted instantly and she knew she had to have one.

The only snag was that Mrs Dixon lived 340 miles away in Newcastle.

But luckily for her, the litter was up for adoption through Fareham and Waterlooville Cats Protection – a charity that finds new homes for unwanted cats and kittens.

Nicky Davies, team leader for rehoming at the charity, said: ‘It would normally be impractical to rehome at such long distances but, in this case, it worked.’

Despite the five-and-a-half hour journey, and it being the furthest distance the charity had ever rehomed a cat, the kitten called Elsa adapted well and is loving life with her new family.

Elsa was rehomed on July 17 when she was 10 weeks old.

Mrs Dixon and her family are delighted with their new feline friend.

She said: ‘When we’d had her just over a week, it felt like she’d always been here. My kids loved her instantly.’

Elsa was one of a litter of five white kittens, from mother cat Snow, born in Fareham.

Mrs Dixon said: ‘We chose Elsa pretty much the day she was born as she was so cute.’

Snow’s owner was a friend of Mrs Dixon and they posted a picture of the kittens online saying they were up for adoption with the charity.

Mrs Dixon got in touch with Fareham and Waterlooville Cats Protection, which has worked to ensure Elsa is well looked after in her new home.

Mrs Davies said: ‘I have contacted the vet who will be looking after Elsa.

‘The daughter of one of our volunteers lived in Newcastle and was fully briefed on how to carry out a home visit, which she did and then reported back to me. She’s settled in well.’

The charity, which featured earlier this month in The News after it saw its worst two months for adoption rates, has seen a rise in adoptions.

Mrs Davies said she was pleased that homes were being found but added that one of the cats, a grey and tabby called Susie, has had a litter of seven kittens and they will soon be up for adoption.

For more information go to fareham.cats.org.uk.