Elsie turns 100 in style!

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IT WAS a birthday celebration fit for a queen.

Elsie Love turned 100 on Monday and her family arranged a two-day celebration for the occasion.

Elsie Love''Picture: Malcolm Wells  (132956-7970)

Elsie Love''Picture: Malcolm Wells (132956-7970)

Originally from the East End, in London, Elsie spent her birthday getting pampered and dolled up at Preview Boutique, owned by her grandaughter Sam, for a tea party at the Queen’s Hotel in Southsea.

Joined by her son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she spent the afternoon drinking champagne, eating cakes and hearing a rendition of her life.

Her family organised a party at her flat in Brunel Court, Landport, where she celebrated with old friends and received lots of flowers and cards.

They presented a birthday cake with 100 candles on it.

Elsie said: ‘The party was lovely. I had a good day and got lots of presents and flowers.

‘I saw some old friends and it was very nice.

‘Then, on my birthday I went and had my nails painted. The tea at the hotel was very nice too.’

Elsie has never suffered from any major illnesses and her daughter-in-law Sandy thinks this has helped her live so long.

She said: ‘Elsie’s always been healthy and even now she knows who we all are and is in good health.

‘You could see that at her party because she was sprightly and she loved getting pampered.’

From a young age, Elsie worked in a butchers and despite a diet of mostly meat and no vegetables, she is still healthy.

Sandy added: ‘Elsie used to get the best cuts of meat from the butchers so she would never eat mince or sausages.

‘Even now, she doesn’t touch them and she never eats vegetables.

‘Whenever we go out, she orders steak and chips.’

But Elsie tells her family that the secret to living to an old age is working hard.

Her grandaughter, Victoria Giordano, said: ‘Nan always said that working hard is the key to living to 100.

‘She worked right into her 80s whether it was helping out at a family shop, getting the shopping for her neighbours or babysitting.

‘She started working when she was 14 and didn’t stop until her mid-80s.

‘We already have four generations in the family and with one of her great-grandchildren soon to turn 24, we could reach five generations.’

Throughout her life, Elsie has enjoyed going on holiday to various places in the world and used to put dating advertisements in The News.

Victoria added: ‘She was very particular when it came to who she dated.’