Emma faces the chop in memory of a friend

Emma Cooper shaves off eight inches of hair to raise �2,200 for charity
Emma Cooper shaves off eight inches of hair to raise �2,200 for charity
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IT WAS a case of hair today, gone tomorrow.

Emma Cooper, who admits she’s a ‘girly girl’ who loves her tresses, mustered up all her courage to have her hair shaved off.

A tragic event inspired the 30-year-old to do it.

Her friend and colleague Liam McKay died at the age of 25 in July last year from sudden arrythmic death syndrome, a condition where the heart suddenly stops.

Liam, from Portsmouth, had worked at Southern Electric for six years, and had become a popular and well-respected member of the team at the call centre in Penner Road, Havant.

Liam also lost a brother to sudden infant death syndrome in 1986.

Emma and her colleagues wanted to raise cash to help charities that are campaigning for more research into the conditions.

She swapped her nine-inch brown locks for a number one, thanks to some swift work with the scissors and hair clippers by colleague Selena Cole.

Emma, from Fareham, said: ‘It was a difficult thing for me because I’m quite girly with my hair and it’s not what people would have expected me to do.

‘But everyone has reacted very positively, and I now have a choice of hats, which people gave me for Christmas, in anticipation.

‘It’s just as well, because I’m finding it very cold at the moment despite a few tufts of hair which have started to grow back.’

The head shave raised £1,700, which was topped up with an extra £500 from Southern Electric.

The £2,200 will be divided equally between SADS Foundation and the Foundation for Study of Infant Deaths.