Emma’s taking a leap of faith after her trip to Africa

SUPPORT Emma Weatherstone during her trip to a South African orphanage
SUPPORT Emma Weatherstone during her trip to a South African orphanage
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GUTSY mum Emma Weatherstone will face her biggest fear to help children orphaned by Aids.

The 40-year-old is absolutely terrified of heights and vowed she would never jump out of a plane in her lifetime.

But now she is preparing to do the thing she dreads most for a cause dear to her heart.

Emma’s skydive will help a small South African-based charity called Thusananga and Khaya Lokukhanya.

Khaya Lokukhanye is a foster home for vulnerable children in a poor and remote area of South Africa.

All the children have lost their loved ones to Aids.

Emma saw their plight for herself when she visited the orphanage in 2007 as part of a sabbatical.

‘These children have already had a lot of sadness to deal with in their lives and a little goes a long way to help them have the things that our children take for granted,’ she said.

Emma, of White Chimney Row, Westbourne, works as a life coach and was roped into doing the skydive by pure chance.

She was at the Langstone Hotel on Hayling doing a workshop with Karen Williams, a Portsmouth-based career coach.

The theme was ‘What are you scared of in business?’.

Emma explained: ‘We got chatting about what our fears were, and I said I didn’t have any fears in business, such as standing up in front of people. What I am really scared of is jumping out of a plane.

‘Karen said she was doing that. At first I was like “no way am I doing that”. I am petrified.

‘Some time later, I thought maybe it is time to face the thing I am most scared of.’

Emma said it was ironic that was she is having to now coach herself into getting over her fear.

‘For me it’s a really big challenge,’ she said.

‘I am always helping people step out of their comfort zone. Now I am doing it myself.

‘I just have to keep calm. The kids I am raising money for is motivating me.

‘That’s the thing that will help me through.’

Emma hopes to raise at least £1,000 to help children at the orphanage.

Her skydive takes place on Salisbury Plain on Saturday.

To sponsor her visit thusananga.org/KLfundraising2012.htm