Endal Junior stars in documentary into a dog’s life

PALS Allen Parton with EJ.
PALS Allen Parton with EJ.
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THE life of a helper dog from Clanfield will be part of a television documentary.

Labrador retriever Endal Junior, known as EJ, and his owner Allen Parton, are set to appear in Secret Life of Dogs on ITV1.

The documentary will bring to life the world as experienced by dogs, providing an eye-opening understanding into how they see, smell, move and why their relationship with humans is so important.

It will also answer questions such as how dogs manage to catch frisbees and why they make such a mess drinking water.

And details such as how dogs are left or right pawed, and how the way dogs’ fur curls affects their personality will be explained.

Mr Parton, a former Royal Navy sailor who suffered serious head injuries in the Gulf War, was left in a wheelchair and spent five years in hospital.

But his first dog Endal helped turn his life around.

He could perform a variety of tasks, including getting clothes out of a washing machine and taking notes from a cashpoint. The pair became inseparable until Endal was put down in March 2009 after suffering from a stroke.

Mr Parton has since gone on to set up charity Hounds for Heroes, based in Petersfield, which trains dogs to help other injured service people.

He said: ‘This documentary will be incredible.

‘It will hopefully show how dogs think scientifically.

‘They filmed me with EJ in Petersfield, and I think it will make interesting viewing.

‘For me Endal was instrumental in my recovery and did some incredible things.

‘EJ does this now, and has been filmed for the documentary.

‘Endal saved my life, my marriage and my relationship with my children.’

Katy Thorogood, commissioning editor for ITV, said: ‘This is a visually stunning documentary.

‘You’ll look at your faithful friend in the living room with new eyes and appreciation for how extraordinary dogs are.’

Secret Life of Dogs will air on ITV1, on Tuesday, January 22, at 9pm.