Every little helps as Tesco pays out for building noise

113955_TESCO_08/11/11''New Tesco superstore, Fareham.''Picture: Allan Hutchings (113955-049)
113955_TESCO_08/11/11''New Tesco superstore, Fareham.''Picture: Allan Hutchings (113955-049)
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PEOPLE who suffered disruption from the building of a Tesco store in Fareham say the compensation they have been offered is an insult.

Over the past few months, many residents in the area surrounding Quay Street have suffered sleepless nights as work on the store and roundabout redevelopment sometimes went on to 4am.

Now, letters of apology and a £20 Tesco voucher have been sent to 70 homes in the area.

But Darren Guy, 19, from Clarkes Court said it’s not enough.

‘It’s been a nightmare,’ he said.

‘The amount of sleep that I and other residents have lost and the amount of hours that I have lost at work because I’ve overslept or I’ve been falling asleep at work is awful.

‘This voucher is just an insult.’

Mr Guy said he will continue to challenge Tesco in a bid to receive additional compensation.

‘We are going to keep trying,’ he said.

‘They have no idea what we have been through so they can have a Tesco in Fareham.’

Yasmin Disney, 21, from Upper Wharf, added: ‘It’s an insult.

‘It’s just a way to get them off our backs.

‘It’s been absolutely awful. You can’t get away from the noise.’

Leader of the Fareham Borough Council Sean Woodward said: ‘It’s quite reasonable.

‘The work had to be carried out.

‘We have to accept that some residents have suffered as a result and I thought that Tesco should acknowledge that fact in some way and recognise it.

‘Most of these people accept that the roadworks had to be done at night.’

Tesco declined to comment any further on the issue but spokesman Simon Petar said: ‘We’re very much looking forward to the store opening on Monday.’